Walk the Berlin Wall: We can be heroes

In June 1987, David Bowie and other bands give their „Concert for Berlin” in front of the Reichstag, next to the Wall. Before an audience of 70,000, Bowie reads out a message in German: „We send our best wishes to all our friends who are on the other side of the Wall.“ On the other side of the Wall, as near as possible to the Reichstag, hundreds of young East Berliners strain to hear echoes of the concert. They listen as Bowie greets them. When he sings Heroes, they listen and join in singing. Many of them charge towards the Brandenburg Gate. Stones and empty beer cans are thrown. Troops and police bar their way. Loud whistling and chanting ‘Down with the Wall‘ is the response to police actions. In internal reports after the concert, the Stasi record that human chains are formed and „158 persons detained” in total. “

In 2003, Bowie performs again in Berlin. He later reports that when singing Heroes he understood that many people from the other side of the wall were in the audience. What a magic moment this must have been!

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