Berlin Wall

Tour 2A – The Literary Wall Tour

Starting from the north of Berlin, this literary stroll takes in the historic site of the former Bornholmer Straße border-crossing relating to the night of reunification and the impressive « Berlin Wall » Memorial as a reminder of the Wall and of life in dictatorship. We will pass the former death zone across the waste land of ancient railway territory and finally visit the grave of Theodor Fontane that could only be visited with a permit during the times of the Wall. Along the way you will encounter literary quotes, testimonies and photographs that witness to history and make us comprehend what life in a divided city was like for the Berliners.

Selected texts from Heinz Knobloch, Günter de Bruyn, Peter Schneider, Thomas Brussig et al.

Date: see Schedule & Prices
Duration: 2,5 hrs
Fee per person: EUR 15,00 per person / required attendance of 4 persons / special prices for children / special offer for less than 4 persons & school classes see Schedule & Prices / cash payment at tour start
Meeting point: S-Bhf. Bornholmer Straße / Red Sofa on Bösebrücke (Exit Moving Stairway) / for the trip to Nordbahnhof, a ticket for the Berlin public transportation services is needed


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